Sunday, July 26, 2009

Very cool links

Ok, I really should be asleep, but I just want to make sure we give everyone a complete report on what it was like, so....

With all due respect to all the press that was there, the ODI, Jay and Jack, etc. I especially liked the recap job that Jo did on the LOST panel. You should really read it.

JOpinionated recap

The second thing I wanted to point out is re: the new S6 LOST banner. You know, each season they have a picture of all the cast members: S1 was all the 815er's, S2 included the Tailies, S4 had the cast with the island while the real world was shown in the ocean reflection, and S5 had the Left Behinders next to the O6ers. Well the first thing we saw in the panel after the lights went down, was this new banner. It revealed 1 cast member at a time...including past LOSTIES like Boone, Shannon, Libby, Mr. Eko, Charlotte, Daniel, etc. All one by one filling in the spaces until 1 space was left in the middle...Locke...and he was a little different than the rest. The ODI posted it to his blog. It's not a great picture because I think it was one of the things we weren't supposed to record! :O Hope I don't get in trouble for linking it...

S6 banner

Ok now I am REALLY going to bed...really...I am.


  1. Thanks for all the excellent reports and pictures, nearly makes up for not being able to go !

  2. Ditto that!

    The new S6 banner is interesting. Is Locke merely turning his back on us? Is he standing behind the rest of the line? Or turning around to face them all? It's a little hard for me to tell in the video. I wonder what it means, maybe just that he is Flocke and not Locke anymore, so he's different from the rest of the original Losties.