Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Photos

John Cho and Joseph Fiennes from Flash Forward

Some of the very many strange costumes at Comic Con!

Showing the crowds

We're packed like sardines on the trolley!

The immense Convention Center

Scoutpost and I grabbed some Flash Forward t-shirts: What Do You See?
Dominic Monaghan on the Flash Forward panel

Neil Gaiman and Terry Hatcher on the Coraline panel (before the Flash Foward panel)

Jo, Monte, Maven and Scoutpost sitting in the Flash Forward panel!


  1. Nice pictures.
    Hey did you know AMC is re doing The Prisoner?
    Seen a cool clip of it at DarkUFO.

  2. Yes...I would've liked to go to the panel for The Prisoner because Jim Caviezel was here, but it was at the same time as Flash Forward, so we chose FF. I think Dark UFO already has some video of The Prisoner up on his site.

  3. Awesome pix! Erm, is that a guy in the high heels and tophat? :-o

    I'm excited that Caviezel is in The Prisoner, when I heard that this week I figure that they'll do a decent job of a remake on it. Here's hoping.

  4. I see. I probably would have chosen Flash Forward too.

  5. Fantastic! I am so jealous of all you guys!

  6. The Prisoner has a 9 minute preview. It looks really good. It's not as colorful as the original, but then what could be? I hope Flash Forward does turn out to be compelling. We need something to continue to knock out this hiatus.

  7. Flash Forward does look good. Hopefully it will be! you can see the first 16 minutes that we saw posted on the ODI's blog.