Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday- the LOST panel

Maven gave a good review of what it was like to stand in line. The whole time you think to yourself "what are we doing?", "is this worth it?" ...It TOTALLY was! We are both really glad we went. You guys should definitely check out the footage of it on other blogs. I do have a video recording of most of it, but I seriously doubt it would measure up. Here is a brief summary of how things went down in case you haven't looked it up yet:

The panel started off with Darlton showing the winner of the LOST theme music contest, followed by video of fan parties and funny fan generated videos, some of which we've all seen on YouTube. Darlton also did a little thing where they addressed the question they always get re: whether they know the end or whether they've been winging the writing all this time. They take out some paper and say they've written the end of S6 on the paper and then they lock it in a box and say they'll open it after the finale on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Then they opened it up for Q & A. The first guy was really weird and gave Darlton a black velvet "painting" of them with a polar bear! Then the next few questions (which were asked by some of the people we camped out with overnight!) were serious LOST fan questions, which were answered with typical Darlton ambiguity. Then they took the next questioner...which turned out to be Jorge! He asked if all the unanswered questions would be answered by the end of S6 and Darlton asked for an example. Jorge then asked if we would ever find out what happened to Shannon's inhaler from S1. (watch the video- it's funny) Then Michael Emerson shows up in the crowd and "picks a fight" with Jorge which leads to video of Michael's "audition clip" for the Hurley character. It's really hilarious! Then they did a few commercials: one of Hurley selling Mr. Cluck's chicken, one of America's Most Wanted with Kate listed as the criminal at large, and one for Oceanic Airlines. Then they addressed the question of whether or not Nestor Carbonell wears eyeliner...then they cut to him "backstage" in front of a makeup mirror applying eyeliner. He gets mad because they gave him "cobalt" instead of "onyx". Then Nestor came out. They introduced Josh by playing a montage of Sawyer clips to the Foghat song "Slow Ride." Then Josh came out, "forced" Darlton to open the box with the S6 ending and goes to read it, but pauses. Michael E. accuses him of not being able to read...seriously you need to go watch this...and begins to read what Darlton had put in the box. It was a "script" of a conversation between Sylar and Matt Parkman. Totally making fun of Heroes! Then they did a memorial montage of all the characters who had died on the show, ending with Charlie's whole death scene, after which Dominic came out. By that time the panel had run out of time. But Maven was right...the montage had every character in it except Claire and Juliet. So....don't know what that means!

It went by SOOOO fast, but was so much fun!


  1. wonder if I used enough "" in that post?!

  2. Nice summary!!! Like someone asked in a previous post, did they show Daniel in that Dead Pool video too? As in, he's really really forever dead?

  3. Unfortunately, yes, Daniel was part of the memorial montage. :(

  4. Capcom: Yes, Daniel was featured in the Dead Pool video....only Claire and Juliet weren't in it! But if you watch the video, a question was asked about Daniel and they said he would be in S6!