Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Timer

Comic Con will be a new experience for me. The sole reason I'm attending this year is because I'm an avid (crazy) LOST fan and this will be the last time that there will be a panel here for the show since it ends it's run (boo-hoo) next year. I'm rooming with a friend I met on-line at The Lost Community known as Scoutpost. We're both first timers, but will be meeting up with Jo of Jopinionated who is an old pro at this! And we hope to meet up with other Losties as we wait in line overnight for the panel Saturday at 11AM. Hopefully, I will be able to post here and upload some pictures of our experience.

Driving down to San Diego on Thursday, July 23rd.


  1. Awesome Maven! Looking forward to whatever you can relay to us, who are everywhere in the world but at ComicCon with you and Scoutpost!


  2. Thanks maven for setting up this blog for us.
    You and Scoutpost have a safe trip Thursday.
    Looking forward to your reports.
    lol my word v was purgag so close to purge. ;)

  3. woo hoo indeed! we will all be anxiously waiting word from you gals...have a great time!

    safe journey and traveling mercies be yours

    my question for Darlton:what mysteries will not be resolved at the end of the series?

  4. I am sooooo Jealous !! I was sapost to be there with you two, the dang air fares were too high and when they came down, comic-con was sold out !! Poo hooo to me. Bring me home something nice and I'll trade you a swan mug :-) we will be thinking of you.

  5. I'm so excited that our very own Maven and Scoutpost will be there at Comic-Con this year! Don't worry about reporting back to us. I just love reading your episode notes at TLC, Maven, and scoutpost has always been a fun and interesting commentor at TLC, so it will be so cool to get reports from you both on this big event!! We'll all just be so excited to get any tid-bit that we can and wishing we were there, too! Most importantly, have fun!!

  6. Show those fan-boys what's what, ladies! :)

  7. well done girl, keep us informed!!!!!

  8. Areyathereyet? Areyathereyet? Areyathereyet?


  9. I can't wait to get your updates! Thanks for setting up this blog for us to follow!

  10. You need to get us the skinny on Lost University!!

  11. Maven, You have to find this and report back...

    Rush Week is coming, and Epsilon Kappa Omega Fraternity is currently recruiting. Please stop by our table on Orchid Lawn between the giant banyan trees.

    It's about Lost University and the upcoming ARG!!!