Saturday, July 25, 2009


THE Line!

Our little area

Anna (from 4 Toed Statue blog, Ayelisha (sp?), The ODI and Maven

The morning line

Chris from the Official ABC Podcast interviewing a fan.
Chris interviewing The ODI!

Well, Scoutpost and I arrived at the Hall H line at 10 PM Friday night (we had to take the trolley in, so we figured might as well get in line the sooner the better). We were about 40th in line! We meet a lot of great people who were associated with The ODI. We settled in for a long night. I had brought beach chairs, a blanket, blow-up neck pillows and night shades. I also brought my LOST quilt (which everyone loved). I actually used to keep warm, because it did get a little chilly! The best news was that the Convention Center let us Losties have the use of the bathrooms all night! Both of us think we slept for about 4 or 5 hours...there was a lot of people still talking and the guy next to me was the loudest snorer I ever heard! I kept hitting him all night...he'd stop for 5 minutes and then start again!

But everyone was super nice and friendly. We "got up" at 6:30 AM and I got some coffee at a Starbucks. We were going to be let in about 10AM. About 9:30AM, Chris from the Official LOST Podcast was there interviewing fans and getting us riled up and cheering. I quickly grabbed my quilt and caught his attention and was interviewed about it! It was awesome...I hope it makes the final cut.

Then we were let in. We quickly grabbed some "giveaways" (a Lost University pencil and a poster of "Lost: The Final Season") and we all quickly walked (no running, please) to get the best seats! We ended up in the center section, row 7! Pretty good.


  1. Great pictures!! It really gives the feel for what you guys are experiencing! LOL, snoring guy! I bet it was a fun atmosphere, like you said.. everybody friendly and no doubt talking LOST all night.

    That's so cool you were interviewed by Chris about your quilt, Maven!! I hope it makes the cut, too!!

    Did you meet anyone else 'associated' with the Odi that we might know? Wow, center section, row 7 sounds like great seats!!

    The Lost panel is already up on youtube.. watching it now. Interesting what they're saying about season 6 and OMG!!! Sawyer and Richard both are there!!!! I think I might have fainted! LOL!

  2. Yes, great pix and reporting! I feel like I'm there! :-D

    It sure seems like Lost fans and creators are some of the funnest and nicest peeps to get lost in a croud with.