Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Items for the LOST Auction in May 2010

Jeremy Bentham passport

Polar bear collar

Karl's Room 23 glasses

Horace's jumpsuit

Juliet and Sawyer's Rum

Jacob's knife


Sawyer's Watership Down book

Some Dharma jumpsuits

The heroin statutes


  1. Very nice work from our roving Comic Con reporters! It's almost like being there. Way to go ladies. :-D

  2. Yep you guys are doing an excelent job.

  3. Those items are awesome. I'll probably cave in a buy a catalog, but really, what would I do with Locke's knife? Could you tell if it's a real knife or rubber?

  4. Good Morning Guys
    I just seen some pictures of the Lost line at DarkUFO. Wow!! Hope you guys were able to get some kind of rest.

    ODI had some pictures of Damon and Carlton meeting the fans in the line. We're you able to get a glimpse of them? Or were your to far away or not in that area?

    Have fun today. Waiting for your report later.

  5. We did not get to see Darlton because they came around 7:30 and we didn't get in line until 10pm. But the people who got their picture with Darlton were part of the ODI group that held a place for us. So we were close enough, just too late!