Friday, July 31, 2009

Jorge's Picture

Jorge Garcia posted a picture that he took of Hall H from his POV on his blog Dispatches From the Island. And, if you look really hard and know where to look, you can see us.

See the lady in the orange shirt taking a photo about 6 rows up a little right of center? That's Anna from the 4-Toed Statue blog. Scoutpost is on her right...she's wearing a black cap so you can't really see her. I'm next to Scoutpost wearing JOpinionated's maroon t-shirt. I'm about in the center! Now squint really hard and you can tell it's me!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Longer Version of ABC Official Lost Podcast

Thanks to the ODI, here is a longer version of the podcast. My "interview" is much longer and they actually flash my name on the screen! This is too awesome! Sorry I keep posting about my moment in the sun!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Great Summary and Me!

DocArtz just posted a great wrap-up/summary of what went on at Comic Con regarding Lost posted by lyly ford. After a very long post with various clips, podcasts, interviews....who does it end up with? The picture of ME with my quilt!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Official ABC Lost Podcast for Comic Con

Here is the ABC Lost Podcast for Comic Con. At :30 is a person explaining the quilt they made for Seasons 1-4! Yes, it's me....Maven (although heavily edited down)!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Panel video: unedited

Here's the link to Doc Artz's blog where they have the whole panel video:

Entire unedited video

Good job Jo and Jon!

Lost University Pencil

This pencil was given out to fans at the Lost panel. (Per Zort's request.)

My Quilt Made Pop Candy in USA Today!

Thanks to an intro by JOpinionated, I met Whitney from Pop Candy of USA Today. She took a picture of me and my quilt (right after I was interviewed by Chris). Well, that picture is the only one in her column today: Pop Candy

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Very cool links

Ok, I really should be asleep, but I just want to make sure we give everyone a complete report on what it was like, so....

With all due respect to all the press that was there, the ODI, Jay and Jack, etc. I especially liked the recap job that Jo did on the LOST panel. You should really read it.

JOpinionated recap

The second thing I wanted to point out is re: the new S6 LOST banner. You know, each season they have a picture of all the cast members: S1 was all the 815er's, S2 included the Tailies, S4 had the cast with the island while the real world was shown in the ocean reflection, and S5 had the Left Behinders next to the O6ers. Well the first thing we saw in the panel after the lights went down, was this new banner. It revealed 1 cast member at a time...including past LOSTIES like Boone, Shannon, Libby, Mr. Eko, Charlotte, Daniel, etc. All one by one filling in the spaces until 1 space was left in the middle...Locke...and he was a little different than the rest. The ODI posted it to his blog. It's not a great picture because I think it was one of the things we weren't supposed to record! :O Hope I don't get in trouble for linking it...

S6 banner

Ok now I am REALLY going to bed...really...I am.

Fringe panel pictures

Just realized we hadn't posted Fringe pics here I go, even though I SHOULD be going to bed. haha!

Scoop on the V and Fringe panels

Immediately after the LOST panel we headed upstairs to Ballroom 20 and stood in line for the V panel. If you think lines are bad at Disney...don't attempt Comic Con. Two hours and 45 minutes later...

One of the V producers came out and said they were going to show the entire V pilot to us. They had not put all the finishing touches on it and still had to work on some of the special effects (which I couldn't tell were missing...but I'm no expert). Elizabeth Mitchell plays an FBI agent and kicks some serious butt in the pilot. And the actress who plays Anna, the "executive V", does a VERY good job at playing creepy! It looks like it will be a good show. It has lots of familiar faces, although Elizabeth Mitchell and Scott Wolf (Party of Five) are the only 2 whose names I really know. The panel answered a few questions, but very few were plot related that I remember. Most of the discussion centered around the fact that they were remaking V and how they felt about that.

The Fringe panel was next. Anna Torv, Josh Jackson, John Noble and Jasika Nicole were there to represent the cast. Josh Jackson and John Noble were total cut ups during the session!! They were so funny together, so you could see why they do so well together on screen. Anna Torv is very quiet and barely uttered a word unless directly asked a question, and even then she was very soft spoken...not in a snobby way, I just think she has a quiet personality. This panel had the longest Q & A of any session we had seen. And for every question asked, the panel would ask the audience a Fringe trivia question...and the person who answered correctly and quickly got a Fringe t-shirt. very fun! Unlike Darlton, the producers of Fringe were very forthcoming about what we could see in the next season of Fringe. I won't post it here- partly because I don't want to post spoilers, and partly because I was so tired by that time that I don't remember the specifics :0. I'm sure you can find the video of the panel posted on one of the bigger blogs. But it sounds like they have an exciting season planned for next year.

Jimmy Fallon and Damon Lindelof

Just saw this picture on the imdb website under the Comic Con pictures. Look who Jimmy Fallon is talking to...I recognize that shaved head and blue and white t-shirt!

Jimmy and Damon

Wonder if he was asking them to come on his show? or was he was asking a question about LOST?

Dominic Monaghan at the Flash Forward panel

Elizabeth Mitchell at the V panel

More pictures of the LOST panel

Saturday- the LOST panel

Maven gave a good review of what it was like to stand in line. The whole time you think to yourself "what are we doing?", "is this worth it?" ...It TOTALLY was! We are both really glad we went. You guys should definitely check out the footage of it on other blogs. I do have a video recording of most of it, but I seriously doubt it would measure up. Here is a brief summary of how things went down in case you haven't looked it up yet:

The panel started off with Darlton showing the winner of the LOST theme music contest, followed by video of fan parties and funny fan generated videos, some of which we've all seen on YouTube. Darlton also did a little thing where they addressed the question they always get re: whether they know the end or whether they've been winging the writing all this time. They take out some paper and say they've written the end of S6 on the paper and then they lock it in a box and say they'll open it after the finale on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Then they opened it up for Q & A. The first guy was really weird and gave Darlton a black velvet "painting" of them with a polar bear! Then the next few questions (which were asked by some of the people we camped out with overnight!) were serious LOST fan questions, which were answered with typical Darlton ambiguity. Then they took the next questioner...which turned out to be Jorge! He asked if all the unanswered questions would be answered by the end of S6 and Darlton asked for an example. Jorge then asked if we would ever find out what happened to Shannon's inhaler from S1. (watch the video- it's funny) Then Michael Emerson shows up in the crowd and "picks a fight" with Jorge which leads to video of Michael's "audition clip" for the Hurley character. It's really hilarious! Then they did a few commercials: one of Hurley selling Mr. Cluck's chicken, one of America's Most Wanted with Kate listed as the criminal at large, and one for Oceanic Airlines. Then they addressed the question of whether or not Nestor Carbonell wears eyeliner...then they cut to him "backstage" in front of a makeup mirror applying eyeliner. He gets mad because they gave him "cobalt" instead of "onyx". Then Nestor came out. They introduced Josh by playing a montage of Sawyer clips to the Foghat song "Slow Ride." Then Josh came out, "forced" Darlton to open the box with the S6 ending and goes to read it, but pauses. Michael E. accuses him of not being able to read...seriously you need to go watch this...and begins to read what Darlton had put in the box. It was a "script" of a conversation between Sylar and Matt Parkman. Totally making fun of Heroes! Then they did a memorial montage of all the characters who had died on the show, ending with Charlie's whole death scene, after which Dominic came out. By that time the panel had run out of time. But Maven was right...the montage had every character in it except Claire and Juliet. So....don't know what that means!

It went by SOOOO fast, but was so much fun!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The LOST Panel!

Scoutpost and Maven awaiting start of panel

Jo and Lisa and Pop Candy writer waiting start of panel

Some of the 6,500 LOST fans in Hall H

Damon and Carlton

Jorge and Michael doing a very funny routine

Jorge, Michael

Surprise guest Josh Halloway

Darlton, Josh and Nestor

Surprise guest Dominic Monaghen

Of course, the purpose of this trip was seeing the LOST panel! And it was the highlight! We saw Damon and Carlton, Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, Nestor Carbonel, Josh Holloway and Dominic Monaghan. I'm sure by now most of you have seen videos and pictures of the panel so I won't go into any detail. But it was a well-planned out presentation and very funny in places! It was dedicated to the LOST fans! One thing that was presented was a memoriam clip of characters who have died on the show. Noticably absent were Claire and Juliet...just saying!

Here are some pictures from the panel (but I'm sure there are better ones on other sites):


THE Line!

Our little area

Anna (from 4 Toed Statue blog, Ayelisha (sp?), The ODI and Maven

The morning line

Chris from the Official ABC Podcast interviewing a fan.
Chris interviewing The ODI!

Well, Scoutpost and I arrived at the Hall H line at 10 PM Friday night (we had to take the trolley in, so we figured might as well get in line the sooner the better). We were about 40th in line! We meet a lot of great people who were associated with The ODI. We settled in for a long night. I had brought beach chairs, a blanket, blow-up neck pillows and night shades. I also brought my LOST quilt (which everyone loved). I actually used to keep warm, because it did get a little chilly! The best news was that the Convention Center let us Losties have the use of the bathrooms all night! Both of us think we slept for about 4 or 5 hours...there was a lot of people still talking and the guy next to me was the loudest snorer I ever heard! I kept hitting him all night...he'd stop for 5 minutes and then start again!

But everyone was super nice and friendly. We "got up" at 6:30 AM and I got some coffee at a Starbucks. We were going to be let in about 10AM. About 9:30AM, Chris from the Official LOST Podcast was there interviewing fans and getting us riled up and cheering. I quickly grabbed my quilt and caught his attention and was interviewed about it! It was awesome...I hope it makes the final cut.

Then we were let in. We quickly grabbed some "giveaways" (a Lost University pencil and a poster of "Lost: The Final Season") and we all quickly walked (no running, please) to get the best seats! We ended up in the center section, row 7! Pretty good.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Items for the LOST Auction in May 2010

Jeremy Bentham passport

Polar bear collar

Karl's Room 23 glasses

Horace's jumpsuit

Juliet and Sawyer's Rum

Jacob's knife


Sawyer's Watership Down book

Some Dharma jumpsuits

The heroin statutes

Some Photos

John Cho and Joseph Fiennes from Flash Forward

Some of the very many strange costumes at Comic Con!

Showing the crowds

We're packed like sardines on the trolley!

The immense Convention Center

Scoutpost and I grabbed some Flash Forward t-shirts: What Do You See?
Dominic Monaghan on the Flash Forward panel

Neil Gaiman and Terry Hatcher on the Coraline panel (before the Flash Foward panel)

Jo, Monte, Maven and Scoutpost sitting in the Flash Forward panel!