Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scoop on the V and Fringe panels

Immediately after the LOST panel we headed upstairs to Ballroom 20 and stood in line for the V panel. If you think lines are bad at Disney...don't attempt Comic Con. Two hours and 45 minutes later...

One of the V producers came out and said they were going to show the entire V pilot to us. They had not put all the finishing touches on it and still had to work on some of the special effects (which I couldn't tell were missing...but I'm no expert). Elizabeth Mitchell plays an FBI agent and kicks some serious butt in the pilot. And the actress who plays Anna, the "executive V", does a VERY good job at playing creepy! It looks like it will be a good show. It has lots of familiar faces, although Elizabeth Mitchell and Scott Wolf (Party of Five) are the only 2 whose names I really know. The panel answered a few questions, but very few were plot related that I remember. Most of the discussion centered around the fact that they were remaking V and how they felt about that.

The Fringe panel was next. Anna Torv, Josh Jackson, John Noble and Jasika Nicole were there to represent the cast. Josh Jackson and John Noble were total cut ups during the session!! They were so funny together, so you could see why they do so well together on screen. Anna Torv is very quiet and barely uttered a word unless directly asked a question, and even then she was very soft spoken...not in a snobby way, I just think she has a quiet personality. This panel had the longest Q & A of any session we had seen. And for every question asked, the panel would ask the audience a Fringe trivia question...and the person who answered correctly and quickly got a Fringe t-shirt. very fun! Unlike Darlton, the producers of Fringe were very forthcoming about what we could see in the next season of Fringe. I won't post it here- partly because I don't want to post spoilers, and partly because I was so tired by that time that I don't remember the specifics :0. I'm sure you can find the video of the panel posted on one of the bigger blogs. But it sounds like they have an exciting season planned for next year.

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